Parking in Brighton

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Where to park in Brighton

Brighton is one of the cities where your own transport is not really good idea because of parking issues. If can choose, it is better to use public transport. If you decide to travel to Brighton by your car there are still options where you can leave your car. Just make sure you will park very soon in the day as looking for parking space is not easy in Brighton.

Free parking in Brighton

First and the best idea is park in Multi Story Car Park in Brighton Marina, which is FREE. There is available 1500+ parking spaces for up to 4 hours. If you have bigger car you can park in opposite FREE Asda car park, which is for customers only, but you can still park there whatever you buy or don’t buy anything. Depends on how far you are willing to go, there is as well free parking on Preston Drove next to Preston Park. There is couple of streets where parking is free on Sunday for example Elder Place. Here you can find more info about free parking in Brighton.


City College has a £5.00 flat fee to use their car park on Saturdays and Sundays. The access to the car park is from Whitecross Street. Another option is Churchill Square parking or NCP car parks – Brighton Theatre Multi storey car park, North Road Multi storey car park and Russell Road Multi storey car park. They are open 24 hours with price starting on £1 for 1 hour. There is a lot of pay and display car parking spaces across the city with price range from around £1 for 1 hour up to £25 for 24 hours. On some there are height restrictions.

It is not easy, but with a little bit of luck you will find some place to park.

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One thought on “Parking in Brighton”

  1. My son has been running the 10k on Sunday and we came from Eastbourne with a 4yr old. We’ve parked in Brighton Marina for almost four hours, done the historic train ride to the Brighton Pier, also a quick visit to the Sealife Centre and a bite in the Harvester located above the Sealife Centre. After that my husband went to re-park the car to the Asda car park and, we meet with our oldest after he finished the 10k and we walked together to the Brighton Marina to do some shopping in Asda and pick our car up.
    Many thanks for the guide about the free parking in Brighton, with three kids we really appreciate a bit of saving on the weekends.

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