White Night 2011

White Night in Brighton – FREE festival

White night festival in Brighton 2011.


On Saturday night on 29th of October 2011 with hundreds of performing artists at 70 indoor and outdoor events across the city, there was something for everyone. This was the fourth annual White Night FREE all night festival with around 45 000 visitors celebrating the end of British Summer Time and the extra hour of night.

Many of Brighton and Hoves open places were transformed into different amazing venues. Old Steine became an alternative village. Jubilee Square, became a hi technology video installation. New Road became a Dolly Parton concert venue with people singing and dancing around.



Main categories of the night performances:

  • Retro-Future
  • Resistance & Collective Action
  • Public Space
  • Protest & Direct Action
  • Digital technologies
  • Earth & Environment
  • Family friendly
  • Personal & Spiritual Development

Every event has been created specially for the festival just for one night of White night festival.

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